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1: OTPS?
I ship it all. Come at me.
I really love Mercy/Genji, Mercy/76, Mercy/Reaper Mercy/Pharah, and Mercy/Mcree. I love tagging castmates though so everyone come at me please.

I hadn't given it much thought, but so far I'd like to think that if Mercy failed with trying to bring Gabe back to life and caused Reaper to happen, she would no longer attempt sacrifices and use herself as a tester. Once she figured out how to regenerate cellular growth with the use of her nano-technology and medical powers, she was approached to make Genji a weapon after he was attacked by Hanzo. While she didn't sign up for that initially when joining Overwatch, she helped save him at least and tried to keep as much as his humanity so he would never be considered a weapon to himself.

It was thanks to Zenyatta that Genji found inner peace and Mercy hoped in time Genji would see that she never wanted to make him a 'weapon'.

She harbors deep guilt for Reaper.

Her spine outside her Valkyrie suit has sustained damage due to figuring out how to design her wings and make them work. They react to Neurotransmitters so when she's happy, sad, or any other range of emotion really, her wings show them. However, outside of her suit, she suffers some back aches that she's made medical vials for to inject for pain. She never lets on though.


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